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Many drivers do not know when to change from summer tyres to winter tyres and vice versa. Many drivers also do not know that it is dangerous to drive all year round on the same tyres. Why this is so and when it is best to stop by for a tyre change are explained below.


Winter and summer tyres each have their own rubber composition, which means that they both perform better or worse in different weather conditions. Winter tyres have been specially developed to remain supple and perform well in cold temperatures, and summer tyres perform better above 7 degrees. If you continue to drive throughout the year on the same summer or winter tyres, this will cause extra wear to your car tyres. If you continue to drive in the summer on winter tyres, the higher temperatures will wear them out. If you continue to drive in the winter on summer tyres, the tyres wear out more quickly because the rubber becomes harder. This gives you less grip on the road and more chance of sliding. Very dangerous! Tyre pressure also plays a role in tyre wear, because if you drive with the wrong tyre pressure, the chance of a blow-out is greater.


When the clock switches to summer time, it is also time for your summer tyres. When winter starts, you should change your summer tyres for winter tyres. This way, you can be sure that you are on the safe side with the right tyres on your BMW or MINI! A tyre change is possible from as little as € 85.00 PREPARED FOR THE NEXT WINTER? When the temperature falls, the performance of summer tyres is no longer optimal. The rubber compound hardens and this leads to reduced adhesion and handling. This is why 7°C is the turning point for winter tyres. Only the special rubber compounds in winter tyres can withstand the cold; they maintain grip and guarantee a short braking distance. Take action in time and don't let a critical situation turn into a collision. FROM A FEW MILLIMETRES TO CRUCIAL METRES. Apart from the 7°C rule there is another important detail: tyre tread depth. The legally prescribed minimum of 1.6 mm is also the defensible minimum for safety. In addition to a greater tread depth, new winter tyres also have a special lug structure. This results in shorter braking distances and an overall improvement in safety. Workshop appointment BMW Workshop appointment MINI


Have you purchased a new BMW or MINI from Severs Breeman from 1 March, or a set of wheels or separate star-rated tyres? Then you automatically benefit from the BMW & MINI Tyre Insurance at no additional cost. Your tyres are then insured as standard against damage caused by sharp objects, kerb damage, vandalism and theft.

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