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At Severs Breeman you can lease and finance privately

Private Lease or Private Finance? We explain the difference

Leasing is an agreement between you and us that allows you to 'borrow' or 'rent' a new BMW or MINI for a specific period of time at a specific price. Each month you have the same, fixed costs and you know exactly where you stand. Uncertainties such as residual value or maintenance can be eliminated, because this is included in the lease. So there are no surprises or unexpected costs.

At Severs Breeman, we distinguish between two forms, namely Private Lease and Private Finance. If you choose Private Lease, the BMW or MINI belongs to the leasing company and is therefore not your property. If you choose Private Finance, you do own the new BMW or MINI.

BMW Private Lease Calculator MINI Private Lease Calculator BMW financing calculator MINI financing calculator

Via the button below you can see the Private Lease rates for each model. Our sales advisors will be happy to help you make a customized offer. Which model are you looking for?

BMW Private Lease
Leasing or financing

Private lease

Private Lease offers you a carefree ride in a brand new BMW or MINI at a fixed monthly rate. You can compile your BMW or MINI entirely according to your own wishes and you determine the term of your contract and the number of kilometres you drive per year. The fuel is at your own expense and the rest of the car expenses, such as maintenance, repairs, insurance, roadside assistance and road tax are included. Please note: the car does not become your property, but remains the property of the leasing company.


  • Car can optionally be taken over at end of lease period for book value
  • Registration number on name
  • New car from stock or self-assembly or a used car not more than 24 months old and with a maximum of 50,000 km
  • Trade-in possible
  • Duration between 12 and 60 months
  • No final instalment
  • Maximum 180,000 km by the end of the term
  • 0% Additional tax
  • VAT is not deductible


  • Maintenance
  • Repair
  • Damage
  • Summer tyres
  • Winter tyres are optional
  • Replacement transport after 24 hours
  • Road tax
  • All-risk insurance with own risk € 450,- per event
  • Roadside assistance

Would you like to calculate the monthly price of a BMW or a MINI easily and quickly? Use our Private Lease calculator.

BMW Private Lease Calculator
MINI Private Lease calculator

Leasing or financing

Private finance

Private Finance is comparable to a bank loan. You buy a new BMW or MINI and pay the leasing company the amount not in one go, but in equal instalments. In the contract, you agree on the monthly costs. One advantage of Private Finance is that it is an easy way to finance and you do not need to make a large investment right away. The BMW or MINI is in your possession and not in the possession of the leasing company.


  • Car is owned after the contract period.
  • Registration number on name
  • New car from stock or self-assembly or a used car up to 10 years old
  • Duration between 12 and 60 months
  • There is a final term
  • 0% Additional tax
  • VAT is not deductible



  • Optional insurance
  • Optional breakdown service

Looking for the monthly amount for the car you want to finance? On the page of each car you will find the financing calculator on the left. Here you can enter your own down payment, final instalment and term and immediately see the monthly amount. You can also use the financing calculator via the buttons below.

BMW finance calculator
MINI finance calculator

* Amounts quoted are based on a BMW Private Lease agreement with a term of 48 months / 10,000 kilometres per year and include VAT. Fuel is not included. Illustrations shown may differ from the standard version. BMW Private Lease is offered by BMW Financial Services under the terms of the Private Lease Hallmark.

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