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Top Cover insurance

Only pay for the kilometres you drive. 

Exclusive cars require exclusive insurance. With Top Cover insurance, your new or used BMW or MINI is optimally insured against damage and theft. You benefit from several advantages, including comprehensive cover, competitive rates and damage reimbursement. With Top Cover insurance, you decide how well your BMW or MINI is insured. Furthermore, with WA + Full Casco you can choose to pay per kilometre. This is not obligatory but is always more advantageous. Do you prefer a 'normal' insurance where you pay a fixed amount per month? Of course that is possible too. The coverage is the same. Only the price differs.

Want to have your premium calculated? Then use the calculator below or contact us.

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The benefits of Top Cover insurance:

  • Choose your coverage: third-party, limited liability or full liability
  • Can be extended with various supplementary insurances
  • Up to 5 years new-value reimbursement and up to 3 years purchase value reimbursement
  • Possibility to pay per kilometre
  • No excess for damage repair
  • Damage repair with original parts
  • Possibility to reduce the premium by taking a voluntary excess
  • Free replacement vehicle
  • Accessories included free of charge up to €3,500.
  • BMW & MINI Service Inclusive insured at no extra charge
  • Up to 80% no-claim discount
  • Favourable alarm requirements


For new BMW & MINI models (as of March 2019 or for all BMW i3 models), you can choose to pay per kilometre. This gives you a discount on your premium and is always cheaper than purchasing a BMW & MINI Top Cover policy without paying per kilometre.

Every month, your mileage is automatically retrieved via BMW ConnectedDrive and you receive an overview of the kilometres driven. If you drive less than your selected mileage bundle (with a minimum of 5,000 kilometres per year), the excess premium will be refunded to you at the end of the term. Do you drive more kilometres than your chosen bundle? Then the underpaid premium will be deducted from your account at the end of the term. If you have opted for the 'unlimited (>25,000 km)' bundle or if you drive more than 25,000 kilometres per year, the extra kilometres driven will be free of charge.


BMW & MINI Top Cover offers a unique new value or purchase price compensation if your BMW or MINI is totaled or stolen. Many insurers use a maximum list value for the new value or purchase value compensation. With Top Cover insurance, this restriction does not apply. The compensation you receive in case of total loss or theft does not depend on the value of your BMW or MINI, but on the chosen coverage and age of your BMW or MINI at the time of purchase.

The BMW and MINI Top Cover insurance is a product of BMW Financial Services, but is carried out by Allianz. Severs Breeman is affiliated intermediary of Allianz and may only inform you about the BMW Top Cover insurance.

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