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SB Lease

Do you or your employer have a fleet of vehicles? And is there a need for support, management or information regarding (business) mobility? Then Severs Breeman is the right address for you. Under the label SB Lease we specialize in managing and advising on mobility for companies in the broadest sense of the word. We are happy to take over your fleet management and guide you or your employees in the choice and purchase of mobility. Of course, we do this independently of any brand, so not only for BMW and MINI. Our specialists will be happy to make an appointment with you to discuss mobility and what we can do for you. Whether it concerns company cars, passenger cars, buses, temporary contracts or shared cars, SB Lease is there for you. We advise you on the composition of a fleet, perform a fleet scan and are your knowledge partner in every area of (business) mobility.

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Lease the BMW iX3 temporarily at extra attractive rates

With SB Lease you can now lease a BMW iX3 for a very attractive price. For € 775 per month excluding VAT you can drive a BMW iX3 Executive. This rate includes policy costs, interest, motor vehicle tax, repairs and maintenance, depreciation, summer tires, passenger insurance, assistance, replacement vehicles and third-party liability.

Duration: 60 months
Kilometers per year: 10,000

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For the types of leasing listed below, SB Lease will find the make and type of car that best suits you (or your fleet):

Operational Lease

Operational Lease is a popular lease form among large companies and SME entrepreneurs. With this form of leasing, you pay a fixed monthly amount which includes all the costs of the car, excluding fuel. The lease car is the property of the leasing company, so you actually 'rent' it from them.

Financial Lease

Financial Lease is a form of lease that is comparable to a bank loan. You buy a new or recently used car and pay the amount back to the leasing company in instalments. In the lease contract, you agree on the monthly costs. So you do not have to make a large investment right away, which makes it interesting for freelancers and starting entrepreneurs.

Private Lease

With Private Lease, you drive a brand new car carefree, at a fixed monthly rate. You determine the term of your agreement and the number of kilometres you drive per year. You also configure the car as you wish. All costs are included in the monthly amount, excluding fuel. The lease car is owned by the lease company, but can optionally be taken over at the end of the lease contract.

Occasion Lease

Do you have your eye on a young used occasion? Even then you have come to the right place. Severs Breeman Lease offers competitive lease rates of all car brands. You will always drive a car that suits you, at an attractive lease offer.

SB Lease's promises:

  • Brand-independent
  • Sharp rates
  • Best service
  • Best contractual conditions
  • Personal contact
  • Roadside assistance: 24/7, worldwide
  • 100% customer satisfaction

Fleet scan

Your car fleet is a valuable but essential part of your organisation. More and more people are going back to the office, which may lead to issues surrounding your fleet:

  • What are the possibilities around mobility budgets?
  • Are you thinking about how you can make your fleet more flexible?
  • Can you make savings on your fleet?
  • Is it possible to make your fleet more sustainable?

Through a fleet scan we provide answers to these questions, because leasing can not only be done differently, but also better. Are you curious what SB Lease can do for you (your company) when it comes to cost savings on your fleet, electrification, mobility budgets and sustainability? Please contact us via the button below. We are happy to schedule a no-obligation appointment to look at the possibilities for your fleet.

Meet the team

Personal contact and customized service are paramount at SB Lease. Whether it is a whole fleet or a private lease car, we always find the best deal for you. Feel free to contact us. We are happy to help you! Are you already our customer? Then our Local Heroes will be happy to help you when it comes to business mobility.

Local Heroes
More information on our Local Heroes can be found here.

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