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Leasing & financing

Leasing and Financing

Leasing is an agreement between you and us that allows you to 'borrow' or 'rent' a new BMW or MINI for a specific period and price. Each month you have the same, fixed costs and you know exactly where you stand. Uncertainties such as residual value or maintenance can be eliminated, because this is included in the lease. So there are no surprises or unexpected costs!

Private leasing and financing

At Severs Breeman, we distinguish between two forms, Private Lease and Private Finance. If you choose Private Lease, the BMW or MINI belongs to the leasing company and is therefore not your property. If you choose Private Finance, you do own the new BMW or MINI.

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Operational leasing and financing

For business purposes, two types of leasing can be distinguished: Operational Lease and Financial Lease. With Operational Lease, you are not the owner of the BMW or MINI, but the leasing company is the owner of the vehicle. With Financial Lease, you borrow money to purchase a new BMW or MINI, and then the new vehicle is in your possession.

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Business advice

BMW and MINI offer cars with relatively high residual values, favorable fuel consumption and low CO2 emissions. In addition, all models are beautifully designed and guarantee years of driving pleasure and the very best quality. This makes these cars very attractive for the business market. Sophie Verstraeten, our business advisor, is happy to think along with you about the best mobility solutions.

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