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Service and Maintenance

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At BMW & MINI, we not only manufacture high-quality vehicles, we also provide the best service. Whether it's a service, an MOT or new tyres, our experienced BMW & MINI specialists know your vehicle inside out. With innovative diagnostic and programming technologies, we keep your vehicle in top condition. Schedule your workshop appointment easily and quickly in our online planner!

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You have also come to the right place for your periodic motor vehicle test (APK). For the MOT you receive a reminder from the government, because this inspection is not part of the prescribed maintenance: the MOT is legally required. We do everything that is necessary for road safety. Should anything more be required, you will receive a clear quotation in advance. A deal is a deal.

Our rate includes VAT and registration fee and is € 45.25. The MOT takes about one hour.

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Many drivers do not know when to change from summer tyres to winter tyres and vice versa. Many drivers also do not know that it is dangerous to drive all year round on the same tyres. We would like to explain why and when it is best to stop by for a tyre change.

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Damage & breakdown

All options under one roof. One phone call is all it takes. We will then take care of everything, from a replacement BMW, the settlement with your insurer to expert repair. For anyone with a BMW older than 5 years, it is possible to continue driving carefree with BMW Extended Roadside Assistance until your BMW is 20 years old. Are you planning an MOT or workshop appointment before 31 December 2022? Then, for just €35, you are covered for another 12 months of roadside assistance throughout Europe.

Damage repair Roadside assistance

Service Inclusive (Plus)

You want to drive in a perfectly maintained BMW or MINI at all times, don't you? With BMW/MINI Service Inclusive, you purchase a package that includes all prescribed maintenance at an attractive, fixed price all at once. You can also take advantage of Service Inclusive Plus, which also covers the replacement of wearing parts all at once. In this way you are much cheaper than if you have to pay separately for each workshop visit. The only condition is that you purchase the Service Inclusive Maintenance Contract for the first service. This is transferable to the next owner of the car. BMW/MINI Service Inclusive is available for all models.

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Swisstec Paint Protection

Swisstec Paintprotection is a widely used maintenance method within the automotive industry. From GlassCoatings to convertible top protection: at Severs Breeman you are at the right address when it comes to maintaining your car. The structure of the Swisstec GlassCoating is so closed that dirt, grease and other contaminants cannot adhere to the surface. The surface becomes self-cleaning. Because very little can penetrate the pores of the paint layer, it makes the paint extremely wear-resistant. The coating is so strong that it is resistant to UV radiation, acid rain, aggressive cleaning agents, oil, animal droppings and tree sap. It also provides good protection against scratching and it gives the paint the ultimate shine with more depth, reflection and flair.

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Alarm inspection

The alarm system of your BMW or MINI should be checked periodically. If you do not do this, your alarm system will lose its certificate and will no longer meet the insurance requirements for the alarm system. With a valid certificate you are insured. The periodic inspection means that your alarm systems must be inspected annually, starting from the third year. We recommend that you have this inspection carried out at the same time as an MOT or other maintenance.

Alarm class 3 inspection: € 35,-
Alarm class 5 inspection: € 58,-

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Top Cover Insurance

Exclusive cars require exclusive insurance. With Top Cover insurance, your new or used BMW or MINI is optimally insured against damage and theft. You benefit from various advantages, including comprehensive cover, competitive premiums and damage repair.

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Warranty (Extended)

At Severs Breeman, when you purchase a BMW or MINI, you benefit from the highest quality and reliability and, if necessary, comprehensive coverage for unexpected repair costs. This applies to new BMWs and MINIs as well as used BMWs and MINIs. So you will always enjoy unlimited and guaranteed driving pleasure. In addition to the standard 3-year BMW & MINI warranty, you have the option of extending your warranty to a total of 4 or 5 years. The coverage of BMW/MINI Service Extended Warranty is the same as the first 3 years of standard warranty.

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