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Operational Lease or Financial Lease?
We explain the difference

Leasing is an agreement under which you can 'borrow' or 'rent' a new BMW or MINI for a specific period and a specific price. Each month you have the same, fixed costs and you know exactly where you stand. Uncertainties such as residual value or maintenance can be eliminated, because this is included in the lease. So there are no surprises or unexpected costs!

For business purposes, two types of leasing can be distinguished: Operational Lease and Financial Lease. With Operational Lease, you are not the owner of the BMW or MINI, but the leasing company is the owner of the vehicle. With Financial Lease, you borrow money to purchase a new BMW or MINI, and then the new vehicle is in your possession.

Operational Lease

Operational Lease is a popular lease form among large companies and SME entrepreneurs. With this form of leasing, you pay a fixed monthly amount which includes all the costs of the car, excluding fuel. The lease car is owned by the lease company and you 'rent' the new BMW or MINI. This has a number of (financial) advantages for you as a company, such as the fact that the car does not need to be on your balance sheet. With this type of lease, too, you know exactly what you are paying each month.


  • Car can optionally be taken over at end of lease period for book value
  • Registration number on name
  • New car from stock, self-assembly or a used car maximum 24 months old with maximum 50,000 km
  • Trade-in possible
  • Duration between 12 and 60 months
  • No final instalment
  • Maximum 30,000 km per year/ 180,000 km at the end of the term
  • 8% or 22% Additional tax rate
  • VAT is deductible


  • Maintenance
  • Repair
  • Damage
  • Summer tyres are optional
  • Winter tyres are optional
  • Replacement transport is optional
  • Road tax
  • All-risk insurance with own risk € 135 per event
  • International breakdown service
  • Fuel card is optional
BMW Operational Lease calculator MINI Operational Lease calculator

Financial Lease

Financial lease is a lease form for large entrepreneurs as well as freelancers and SME entrepreneurs and is comparable to a bank loan. You buy a new or recently used BMW or MINI, but pay the leasing company the amount in instalments. In the lease contract, you agree on the monthly costs. An advantage of financial leasing is that it is a simple way of financing and you do not have to make a large investment right away. This makes financial leasing an interesting form of lease for freelancers and starting entrepreneurs.


  • Car is owned after the contract period.
  • Registration number on name
  • New car from stock or self-assembly or a used car up to 10 years old
  • Trade-in possible
  • Duration between 12 and 60 months
  • There is a final term
  • 8% or 22% Additional tax rate
  • VAT is deductible


  • Optional insurance
  • Optional breakdown service

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