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Swisstec Paint Protection

Swisstec Paintprotection is a commonly used maintenance method within the car industry. From GlassCoatings to convertible top protection: at Severs Breeman you are at the right address when it comes to maintaining your car.

Swisstec GlassCoating is a ceramic glass resin that is applied to the clear coat of your BMW or MINI. GlassCoat binds itself to the surface of the clear coat. The result is a permanent adhesion with a clear and extremely durable ceramic film. GlassCoat is especially developed for protecting (painted) surfaces. Because of the innovative properties, water does not penetrate into the material, if it is porous. It forms drops that easily slide off the material, so that you don't have to wash your BMW or MINI as often. The coating gives the paint a shiny, glassy appearance, also known as a "wet look". It also has many other benefits.

The structure of the Swisstec GlassCoating is so closed that dirt, grease and other contaminants cannot adhere to the surface. The surface becomes self-cleaning. Because little can penetrate the pores of the coating, it makes it extremely wear-resistant. The coating is so strong that it is resistant to UV radiation, acid rain, aggressive cleaning agents, oil, animal droppings and tree sap. It also offers good protection against scratches and gives the paint the ultimate shine with more depth, reflection and flair.

Jeroen Toonen of Prorepair, together with our colleague Thijs, explains in the video below in 5 minutes what the possibilities of Swisstec treatments are.

Swisstec®4Seasons Sealant

4 Seasons Sealant
  • Complete exterior cleaning
  • Cleaning and dusting the interior
  • Tyres with black dressing
  • Prevents light scratches
  • Easy to clean
  • Rims protection
  • 4Seasons Sealant protection: protection against all seasons for the duration of 1 year
  • Swisstec® 4Seasons Sealant with 1-year gloss guarantee on paint and rims
    € 395, - incl. VAT
    Please note: A surcharge of € 100 applies to used vehicles

Swisstec®GoldSeries GlassCoating

  • Durable protection of the car paintwork
  • Prevents light scratches
  • Water and dirt repellent coating
  • Deeper gloss layer and colour retention
  • Self-cleaning effect
  • Rims protection
  • Swisstec® GoldSeries GlassCoating - BMW with 6 years gloss warranty on paint and rims € 999, - incl. VAT
    Note: for all used cars, € 100, - will be added.
  • Swisstec® GoldSeries GlassCoating - MINI with 6 years gloss guarantee on paintwork and rims € 845, - incl. VAT
    Please note: A surcharge of €100 applies to used vehicles.

Paint Protection Films (PPF)

  • Transparent film for protection against scratches, stone chips, insects or split damage to paintwork
  • Works like a second skin on the car
  • The ultimate protection for your BMW or MINI
    Price on request

Other services

Convertible top protection

Prevents stains on the convertible top and has a self-cleaning effect. Prevents algae growth on the convertible top and has a water and dirt repellent coating.
€ 175,- incl. VAT.

Leather interior protection

Cleaning of the leather interior. Application of dirt- and water-repellent protection coating. Also offers protection against UV and jeans discolouration.
199, - incl. VAT.

Rear bumper film

This transparent film provides the rear bumper with a protective layer against scratches on the paintwork when loading and unloading luggage. Ideal for golf bags, suitcases and pets.
99 € incl. VAT.

WindowShield coating (car window coating)

Keeps your windows clean and ensures good visibility when driving in the rain. Above 80 km/h less use of wipers (self-cleaning effect).
€ 199,- incl. VAT.

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