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Severs Breeman is an Approved Sustainability Company

We have the Approved Sustainability Plus certificate. This certificate shows that we have made sustainable improvements in all aspects of our business operations. We are therefore very proud of this certificate. The Approved Sustainability certificate is part of BMW Netherlands' sustainability strategy. The certificate also forms part of the sector-wide sustainability programme of the RAI Association, BOVAG, FOCWA and STIBA, which is implemented by IvDM (Institute for Sustainable Mobility).

Sustainable business does not only mean doing business in an environmentally conscious way by using green power, for example. Offering sustainable mobility and sponsoring local activities are also part of sustainable business. We do this, for example, by sponsoring various sports events, such as golf tournaments, tennis tournaments and football matches. In addition, we work closely with companies in the region to make various gifts.

What is Severs Breeman doing about sustainability in its business operations?

✔ Waste separation is an important component within our facilities. The storage and disposal of oil to batteries is also separated and disposed of sustainably. In addition, our branches are equipped with separate environmental rooms to store liquids and paint.
✔ We have low energy consumption, in part because we have energy-efficient LED lighting and the showroom lighting is largely turned off at night and on weekends.
✔ Heat loss is limited by good insulation, draft proofing and smart window blinds.
✔ We offer electric replacement transportation for customers.
✔ Our fleet is becoming more sustainable every year with the addition of electric models.
✔ On October 7, 2021, we signed the Sustainability Covenant. This commits us to 6 sustainability goals of BMW Group Nederland.
✔ We have joined forces with 19 other Rotterdam-based companies in the Climate Alliance for Sustainable Mobility.
✔ The Alphen aan den Rijn branch is completely gas-free, equipped with the latest heat pump technologies, and the building has solar panels.
✔ In Woerden, we have new fast-charging stations, which are also available to the entire region.

Sustainability is and is becoming an increasingly important concept within our society. At Severs Breeman you will therefore find sustainable BMWs and MINIs, such as the new BMW i5 and the MINI Electric. We inform our customers about the possibilities regarding sustainable mobility and provide a wide range in our showrooms. We continue to work hard for a sustainable future, both on and off the road.

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