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The new MINI Cooper C and MINI Cooper S

Step into the world of the new generation MINI Cooper at Severs Breeman! Every detail breathes performance and character, with the letter C standing for optimal balance and the letter S for increased performance. These models complement the attractive MINI 3-door offering with efficient gasoline engines ranging from three to four cylinders. The iconic Go-Kart feel is propelled to new heights in this new generation, with an innovative design that combines traditional values with modern highlights.

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Discover the "Power of Choice" at MINI, where not only electric models, but also models with gasoline engines are among the choices. Ideal for fans of the classic MINI 3-door, who appreciate the traditional sound of an internal combustion engine. The interior focuses on modern design with new materials. Technological innovations, such as the MINI Control System 9, new MINI Experience modes and a range of digital functions provide a spectacular user experience.

Highlights of the new MINI Cooper

  • Iconic Go-Kart feel with a minimalist design
  • Choice of powerful gasoline engines with performance levels designated C and S
  • Efficient engines with three or four cylinders for optimum balance between power and fuel consumption
  • Power up to 204 hp on the Cooper S and up to 156 hp on the Cooper C
  • Innovative interior with the MINI Control System 9 and new MINI Experience modes
  • Purist exterior design with short overhang and long wheelbase for typical MINI proportions
  • Octagonal grille and LED daytime running lights for a distinctive face
  • Safety features such as Safe Exit function and driving assistance systems for comfortable and safe rides
  • Customizable options with different trims and color combinations
  • Digital innovations such as MINI intelligent Personal Assistant (IPA) and MINI Digital Key Plus function for a modern user experience

Powerful drive options
Be enchanted by powerful drive options, such as the MINI Cooper S's 204-hp four-cylinder engine or the MINI Cooper C's 156-hp three-cylinder engine. Both deliver impressive acceleration and an unmistakable Go-Kart feel, thanks to the suspension and damping system designed for ultimate driving pleasure. The precision of typical MINI steering, combined with powerful brakes, provides a high level of safety and comfort.

Iconic exterior, innovative interior
The exterior of the new MINI Cooper is characterized by a sleek design and compact silhouette, embodying the essence of the brand: maximum Go-Kart feel with minimal ecological impact. At the front, the new octagonal grille further defines the distinctive face of the MINI Cooper. Horizontal LED daytime running lights underscore the new look in the standard setting. The striking appearance is enhanced by three selectable light signatures for the daytime running lights of the MINI LED headlights and the redesigned matrix taillights.

Inside, the elegant design is inspired by the classic MINI, with modern touches. The new steering wheel, round OLED display and typical MINI toggle bar with toggle switches create a spacious feeling in the cockpit. The main driving functions can be accessed directly from the toggle bar. The gear selector in the center console gives way to the new Wireless Charging Shelf 2.0. Smartphones can be placed here and charged wirelessly.

Relevant vehicle-related information, such as speed and fuel consumption, is displayed at the top of the screen. In the main menu, functions are arranged horizontally as widgets and can be selected by swiping and touching. In the lower part of the OLED display, the menu items navigation, media, phone and climate can be selected directly at any time.

Digital innovations for an immersive experience
As part of the optional MINI Experience modes, two projector units emit different illuminated graphics on the dashboard. The interplay of visual design, ambient lighting and sound design changes the look of the cockpit and offers new ways to personalize the MINI Cooper. Each mode has its own dynamic background and can be selected based on the driver's personal preferences. In personal mode, a personal photo can be set as the display background via the MINI app. The dominant colors of the photo then extend over the textile surfaces of the dashboard and door panels as illuminated graphics.

The MINI Cooper is equipped with numerous driving assistance systems for a safe and comfortable driving experience. The MINI Navigation package offers 3D visualization and Augmented View, while camera and radar-based assistance functions enhance safety. The MINI intelligent Personal Assistant (IPA) allows drivers to easily control various options via voice commands. The innovative MINI Digital Key Plus feature turns the smartphone into the car key via the MINI app.

The new MINI Cooper in pictures

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