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BMW X5 on gray license plate

Company cars and passenger cars: a world of difference. Despite the fact that company cars are becoming increasingly modern, comfortable and complete, they are still company cars. Are you looking for a company car because it brings tax advantages, but do you want to compromise as little as possible in terms of appearance, performance and comfort? We offer you the ideal solution!

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BMW X5 as a company car

We can convert a BMW X5 to gray license plate so that you do not have to pay BPM. You will also benefit from a discount on road tax, depending on the weight of the car. With the conversion, a wall is placed between the b-pillars, i.e. between the cockpit and the cargo space. The sides on the inside of the car are covered with dark upholstery (a type of velour). A deepened cargo area floor in black upholstery is also created, and all rear windows are blinded. The conversion of a BMW X5 takes about 1 month and the cost of the conversion is € 3,995, including VAT.

Conditions for applying for a gray license plate

To apply for a gray license plate, you must meet the following conditions:

  • You are self-employed or an entrepreneur with a VAT number;
  • The van is in your name and you are the legal entity;
  • Of all the business miles you drive, you will drive at least 10% in this van.

Advantages of a gray license plate

You pay less road tax
When your vehicle meets the requirements of a gray license plate, you pay less road tax than usual. Depending on the type of vehicle and weight class, your road tax will be calculated. This benefit can amount to as much as €2,000 annually.

You pay no BPM for your van
As an entrepreneur/zp'er with a gray license plate, you pay no BPM when purchasing a new van. With a new delivery van, you take maximum advantage of the BPM benefit, but this benefit can also be considerable with a used delivery van.

Commercial vehicle insurance is cheaper
In addition to the deduction of BPM and road tax, you benefit from cheaper insurance. Since the vehicle is cheaper (due to the deduction of BPM), the amount to be insured is lower.

Impression of a converted BMW X5

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