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Electric driving

Electric BMWs and MINIs are cars that, unlike petrol, diesel or gas cars, move around using electricity. A fully electric vehicle therefore produces no CO2 while driving. BMW and MINI have been developing and manufacturing electric cars for more than four decades. With the focus on sustainability and the environment, BMW and MINI developed a production chain that has made them the leading suppliers of electric vehicles in Europe.

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Charging at home

You can charge your car at home or on the road and there are various possibilities for doing so. At home, you can simply plug your electric car into a household 230V socket. Within a 10-hour night, the battery will be fully charged again.

Would you like to charge your car faster? Then you can have a BMW Wallbox (also possible with green or self-generated electricity) installed. This will charge your car in just 4 hours. On the road, you can charge your car at public charging stations, which can often be found at a gas station. In addition to the standard charging station, there are fast charging stations where you can charge 80% of your battery within 34 minutes.

Charging on the go

Whether you have the ability to charge at home or not, a charging card on your keychain provides a sense of security. With access to more than 107,000 public charging stations and 34,000 public fast chargers in the Netherlands, BMW Charging is a secure choice. Use your included public charging cable to connect your car to the charging station. Then hold your pass in front of the scanner and the charging process begins.

Looking for charging stations in the Netherlands or want more information about charging your car on the go? Then click on one of the buttons below.

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The BMW vacation car

Are you going on vacation? Then Severs Breeman has a premium solution for you: the BMW vacation car. This allows you to temporarily exchange your (electric) BMW for a BMW or MINI (with fuel engine), so you can go on vacation with peace of mind.

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Electric BMW models

BMW continues to innovate. A future where sustainability, sportiness and comfort come together in the field of mobility is an important aspiration of BMW. For example, more and more electric BMWs are entering the market, so there is a suitable model for everyone. We have put all electric BMW models side by side. Find out which model suits you!

The MINI Electric

Inspired by a MINI 3-door, the MINI Electric has that typical go-kart feel with an output of 135 kW (184 hp) and 270 Nm of torque. The special lithium-ion battery allows a range of up to 234 kilometers (WLTP). Empty battery? Recharge up to 80% in 35 minutes at a fast charging station and up to 80% in 2.5 hours via a regular charging station at home or at work. 

The new MINI Electric is available in different versions and with various options. Trade in your current car for a new MINI now. Private Lease and Operational Lease are also available for the MINI Electric. Our sales advisors are happy to assist you.

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