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Judith Bol-Glas, our 'Expert in Great'.

At your BMW dealer you will find 'Experts in Great', the experts specially trained by BMW. Our service advisor in Woerden, Judith Bol-Glas, is one of them. She was interviewed for an article in the BMW Privileges magazine. "I know almost all the customers who walk in here. I love the work." You can read the article below.

You are a service advisor. What do you do exactly?
I am basically the first contact, the face or the voice, that you deal with when you come in. In person or on the phone. For me, it always starts with a warm welcome. It can be about anything. Is a car coming in for maintenance or for damage, or is it a technical adjustment or repair? We, the service advisers, know our customers and are there to help all customers as pleasantly and smoothly as possible."

Do you know a lot about BMWs?
I don't have a technical background but I have been working here for 9 years and you pick up a lot, besides the education and training that we receive of course. So I am not a car mechanic but I do know a lot by now. And if it gets too technical, I know where to find my colleagues, you know!

You say you have been working here for 9 years. How did you end up here?
That's a funny story. I was driving a BMW 1 Series, on lease, and because of the crisis at the time, I was cut back at the company where I worked. When I came here to do the transfer because I was taking over the 1 Series, the salesman asked, 'Don't you have to go to work?' When I told him I no longer had a job, the ball started rolling."

You have been working here for a long time, so you must really enjoy your job. What makes your job so enjoyable?
Yes, that's right. I love the work. I love having contact with our customers. I know almost all the customers who walk in here. I know their background, I know how their family is composed, I know where they go on holiday and what kind of car they drive. I also know how most of them drink their coffee. I like to give our customers the feeling of stepping into a warm bath. Besides, for most people their BMW is not just a car. If you then treat that car with care and love and in a professional manner, that is very much appreciated."

So you already drove BMW. What is it with you and cars?
"Originally it was my husband. He is crazy about BMW and that is very contagious. Before I came to work here, I had already driven several BMWs and had another car once, but I still ended up with BMW. With great pleasure, because BMW makes driving really great, I think.

Can you tell us something about the training you receive to develop as a service adviser?
That is, of course, about customer contact; how do you deal with your customers and how do you handle different situations? In addition, there are many product training courses when new models are introduced, in order to be optimally informed. The same applies to new systems. Nowadays, it is no longer done with pen and paper, but all data is collected and recorded centrally. You have to know your way around this. In short: training in dealing with people and systems. That is very pleasant, because you can immediately take that knowledge back to your daily work."

Are you proud of the highest customer satisfaction at BMW?
"Yes, I am very proud of that. We score high on customer satisfaction with our company and I am really very proud to contribute to that."

How does the customer notice that you are experts in service?
By really listening to your customer, sensing their needs and finding out exactly what the situation is when we are in contact. Is it urgent or not? It is not about what is important for me, but what is important for the customer and how he or she feels about it. In doing so, it is up to me to technically inform and/or reassure the customer on how to proceed. I think that makes all the difference."

What is the best thing about your job?
That is the customer contact and the variety, with the fine products of the beautiful brand we work for. And the appreciation that you get from your customers in return!

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