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Create the car of your dreams with EVE

Yes! You want to put together a new BMW or MINI. Do you already know which model you prefer? Or are you still hesitating between a few models? Our sales advisors are ready to configure the car of your dreams. You want to be able to compare which color suits you best, whether you want a leather or fabric interior and which rims complete the picture. With the Emotional Virtual Experience configurator, or EVE for short, you get a realistic picture of your future car.

Here's how the Emotional Virtual Experience configurator works

🚘 After a conversation with the sales advisor and perhaps a test drive, you have decided which model and engine your future car should be. This model is selected in EVE, after which the fun can begin and the car can be customized to your individual needs. Did you make a configuration on yourself? We can also call this up in EVE to go over the configuration with you and make any necessary adjustments.

🚘 You choose the packages and options that fit your needs. With each option you choose, the image of EVE changes to the configuration you created. Easily compare different colors at the touch of a button.

🚘 The 360-degree feature allows you to view both the entire exterior and interior of the car. You can also zoom in on details of the car, such as the headlights and rims.

🚘 A color sometimes looks different on a different background, which is why in EVE you can choose 8 different backgrounds and undergrounds to see if the car is to your liking in all situations.

🚘 Buying a new car is not something small, this is a well-considered decision. That is why you will receive a QR code on the non-binding offer of the sales consultant, with which you can call up the car you have composed at any time, even at home from the couch.

A look into the future

The functions of EVE are constantly evolving to show you the best and most realistic image of your future car. Soon, the BMW or MINI you put together will drive through a landscape, just like the BMW i7 in this video.

Are you curious what the car of your dreams looks like in EVE? Stop by or make a no-obligation appointment with one of our sales advisors and experience your dream car through lifelike images.

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