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The new BMW iDrive

BMW has introduced the new BMW iDrive system. The BMW control concept makes the BMW accessible to its occupants and functions as a digital, intelligent and proactive partner in every situation. The basis of the unique system is BMW Operating System 8, a new generation of displays, controls, software and extremely powerful connectivity and data processing. The new iDrive is being rolled out gradually across all models. It will make its debut in the BMW iX later this year and then also in the BMW i4.


The new all-electric BMW iX has been designed from the inside out. The same goes for the user experience of the new BMW iDrive.

A good example of this is the use of clear, minimalist design for both the interior and exterior of the BMW and the pure, minimalist design of the digital elements of BMW iDrive.

A striking new physical addition to the interior is the BMW Curved Display, in which the 12.3-inch information display and the 14.9-inch control display form a single unit. The BMW Curved Display is clearly oriented towards the driver. Only the information relevant to the specific driving situation is shown to the driver - always in a place where the driver can absorb it quickly and easily.

Voice control and the touch function of the BMW Curved Display were the most important factors in the development of the new iDrive. The number of buttons and switches has been almost halved. At the same time, the control panels for frequently used basic functions have been retained and placed where the user expects them to be.
Powerful and striking graphics, modern colours, futuristic shapes, clear display and an interplay of reflections create an impressive look. All screens have an extremely high resolution of 200 ppi.

Great Entrance Moments

Thanks to Ultra Wideband (UWB) radio technology, the BMW experience starts as soon as the vehicle is approached.
Thanks to precise positioning of the key or smartphone, the BMW knows exactly where the driver is approaching and how far away he is. As soon as the distance to the vehicle is less than three metres, the car comes to life with interior and exterior lights switching on, a carpet of lights is projected from the driver's door, and the door handles and luggage compartment are illuminated.
The BMW unlocks as soon as the distance is less than 1.5 metres. Upon entering the car, the BMW Curved Display shows a welcome animation while the system starts up.

My Modes

Also new to the new iDrive system is My Modes. The new My Modes provides an all-encompassing experience based on the driver's personal preferences.
My Modes is easily selected by voice command or with a button on the centre console.

The first version of My Modes combines up to ten different settings in the BMW. These are the functions of the previous Driving Experience Mode, such as drive system and transmission control, steering characteristics and chassis tuning. The activated configuration is indicated by changes in the design of My Modes, the style and layout of the screens and a changed screen colour. Everything adapts to the settings in the same way as the Ambiance lighting. Switching between My Modes also involves acoustic adjustments, including the sound of the engine or drive. Currently, three modes are available, Efficient, Sport and Personal, more modes are expected to be added.

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