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Devilon Meyer 20 september 2023
As a regular customer we walked in not knowing that this day was the presentation of the new 3 series so it was a nice surprise and we were invited to take a test drive. Of course you can’t refuse such an offer to drive one of the most famous sedans known to mankind. All I can say that on this particular day the service was top notch including drinks and snacks, and the test drive was amazing. Keep it up and the customers will find their way to you.
Bogdan Firicel 7 april 2022
Took here my 8 year old car (his name is Brrutus, my soulmate :)) for maintenance – great service, clean, neat and well organized garage! And I don’t think a random garage would do the work cheaper, choosing the same quality parts. A pleasant surprise, I don’t know how they cleaned / treated the interior, but now it looks, feels and smells like new! For free! (photo from another location)
M. K. 24 juli 2021
Once I have received a reissued invoice by post, it has already been paid on the day a year ago. The next day I visited there with their paid stamp and receipt. Then they apologised and gave me defective digital clock with BMW logo. Another time their service desk advised me to change the fuel tank complete however on the same day another BMW garage fixed it in 3 minutes.
Imran Sadiq 8 februari 2020
Hi Will not recommended to do business with this dealer. We bought an car by Bernd van Pelt. He started with an good service by sending us a video of the car and description all services were maintained by BMW. We picked up the car and after driving some minutes the car started blowing cold air and no warm from cars ventilations systems. Conclusion by BMW in Kassel the ventilationssystem is defect. We have now concluded that car needs new brakes front / back and repair of ventilation system. Jan refuses to pay any compensation. I will not do anymore business with this dealer and will notify others to do the same mistake. /Imran Sadiq Danleasing A/S
Rene van der Kraats 7 januari 2018
Friendly welcome at the entrance, staff is helpful and friendly even though I was only there because my kids were curious. Big store, looks modern and elegant, parking is covered and leads you straight to the entrance. Electric BMW’s are also to be found here.
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